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Banyan owners are the deeded owners of this gorgeous estate; and the property is completely controlled by the Owners’ Association. Owners at The Banyan Resort, like homeowners, own their property in perpetuity and have the right to rent, sell and bequeath their property. The Banyan Resort has been completely sold out for more than a decade – Banyan unit/weeks are available only in the resale market.



The Banyan Resort is a member of the Interval International Vacation Exchange Network (I.I.). As members, our owners may exchange their vacation weeks at The Banyan Resort for weeks in other luxury resorts worldwide: there are thousands to choose from! All weeks at The Banyan are considered prime-time, so our owners can choose any location and any time period. The Banyan Resort also has an efficient In-House Exchange program, adding even more flexibility!

Rental Program/Gifts

Deeded Owners always have the right to authorize guests to occupy their timeshare property.  There is also a rental program operated through the Banyan Homeowners’ Association, providing timeshare owners an opportunity to earn income. And you’re always welcome to give your vacation week as a gift, here in Key West or as an exchange to a different location. This adds yet another dimension of flexibility to vacation ownership at The Banyan Resort.

For information about Banyan Timeshare resale availability:

Banyan Resort Realty: Sales Office
Amy Lachat Lynch
Real Estate Broker
[email protected]
Front porch of a property at The Banyan Resort
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