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The Sawyer-Thorpe Homes

The Sawyer-Thorpe Homes were named after Benjamin Sawyer, a wrecker and a fisherman in the early 1840’s and Daniel Thorpe, also a wrecker. Benjamin Sawyer constructed his family’s residence of stone on the present site of the Delaney House. William Delaney demolished the Sawyer home upon purchasing it in 1898 and proceeded to build the home which stands here today. These two structures are nestled in the gardens behind the largest Banyan Tree on the property and were erected in the late-1980’s to meet the growing demands of the timeshare sales. Painstaking measures were taken to integrate the new construction with the existing historic homes including decorative balustrade. All of the suites in these houses are one-bedroom with a full kitchen and French doors that open onto private front and rear porches.