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The Locke House

The Locke House is named after James William Locke who served as a member of the Florida State Senate between 1870 and 1872. Locke was then nominated to the Federal Judicial Service by Ulysses Grant on January 15, 1872 where he remained in place until his retirement. At that time Key West was the largest city, per capita, in the state Florida and was the original location of its Federal offices. The magnificent Locke House sits on the corner of the property and is comprised of four two-bedroom suites and a fabulous one-bedroom Penthouse. The spacious rooms have French Doors that open onto large verandahs allowing the breeze and light to flow throughout. Windows line the living and dining area of the Penthouse, there is a wonderful bay window in the bedroom, and the private balcony allows you to relax amid the treetops.