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The Delaney House

This is an old Sanderson family picture of the Delaney/Sanderson house as it appeared in the early 1900’s which is when Charles Winfred Sanderson and his wife Lorena Alexandria Harrison lived in the home after their marriage. Charles enlisted in the 5th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment in Cincinnati, Ohio. His Company B of that Regiment was sent to Florida in preparation for deployment to the island of Cuba for the Spanish-American War of 1898. However, before his unit received orders to embark for Cuba it was announced that the war was over. His unit was disbanded and Charles Sanderson relocated to Key West as a permanent resident. It was not long after this that Charles met and married Lorena Alexandria Harrison. Lorena was the daughter of the Georgia-born Reverend Eugene Amelius Harrison, pastor of the old Stone Methodist Church on Eaton Street. She was the organist at her father’s church when she met Charles Sanderson. After their marriage on December 4, 1907,Charles and Lorena Sanderson moved into the upper floor of the Delaney house at 323 Whitehead Street. The Sanderson’s rented the second floor from Mr. Delaney. It was there that Lorena gave birth to their three daughters, First to be born in the house was Florence Elizabeth-Dec 30, 1911, then Margery Louise-Feb 14, 1914, and finally Gertrude Genevieve- Feb 15, 1915.Charles Sanderson was employed as an Accountant at the Thompson Cigar Factory in Key West. He also served as a Key West City Commissioner (Alderman) in 1911. During WWI, he served as a Captain in the U.S. Army Coastal Artillery. Charles moved his family to Tampa in 1925 when the Cigar Industry relocated there. Charles Sanderson was promoted to President of the Thompson Cigar Company after the move. Thompson Cigar still exists today in Tampa. In 1931 the family moved to Miami where all three of the Sanderson girls lived and died. Florence Married Paul Warfield, Margery married Joe Burton and had two girls and Gertrude married Harry Lee Harris and had a son and a daughter. (see next photo for a history and a modern day view of the house)

~ Picture and history provided by Robert S. & John Harris ~

The Delaney House – Delaney Family

The Delaney House was named after William L. Delaney, who erected this majestic residence in 1898. Mr. Delaney was a collector for US Customs and served as first vice-president on the Key West Board of Trade, which was the first commercial body organized in Key West on November 30, 1885. This house is constructed of Dade County pine and was built by ship’s carpenters. The gingerbread trim and carved ornaments detail the basic simplicity of the Queen Anne design, often dubbed the Princess Anne style. Architecturally, the pavilion tower and the verandahs lined with decorative balustrade combine to present its handsome facade. The Delaney House was selected as one of 38 most significant Key West structures by the Milo Smith Survey of Historic Buildings. This house has been converted into eight unique suites comprised of two studios; two, one bedrooms and four, one bedrooms with a loft. Each suite has a full kitchen and semi private porch or balcony. The Resort’s Reception Desk is also located in this dwelling.