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The Cosgrove House

This stately home sits on part of the land which John Whitehead sold in 1829 to P. C. Greene, one of the four original proprietors of Key West. The house was built in 1850 by a man named Lord and changed hands a few times before it was purchased by Captain Phillip L. Cosgrove for the price of $1,600.00 in 1871. The property was passed to Cosgrove’s son, then to his granddaughter and remained in the Cosgrove family until 1947. In fact, the front yard contains one of the two expansive Banyan Trees on this property which was planted in the early 1900’s by Captain Cosgrove’s wife, Myrtle. The Cosgrove House has since been reconfigured to accommodate five, one-bedroom suites. The rooftop penthouse suite boasts an expansive, secluded verandah with a spectacular view of the very trees for which this resort is named. Each suite features a full kitchen and floor-to-ceiling windows that open onto private porches or balconies. Enjoy the relaxing views of either our tranquil gardens or pass time observing the “Local Color” stroll peacefully along Whitehead Street.