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The Cigar Factory

The cigar industry of Key West dates back to 1831 when the first cigar factory was established by an Englishman, Mr. William H. Wall, who boasted “the very best Tobacco from Havana.” With the Cuban Independence War of 1868, the population of Key West and the cigar manufacturing industry boomed. In 1890, the cigar industry of Key West reached its zenith when 64 factories were in operation and over one hundred million cigars were made, earning the island the title “Cigar Capital of the World”. Jacob & Ramon Cortalar rolled the finest cigars at this factory that has been converted into two, one-bedroom suites with direct access to the adult pool on the Banyan grounds. Both units have skylights, formerly scuttles, which were rooftop openings popular in cigar factories utilized to provide increased air circulation. The “Fantasy Suite”, as it has come to be known, has antique blue glass windows in the gables through which the sun’s rays illuminate the room giving it a mystic aura. This unique unit, which features the only Jacuzzi bath on the property and a Dade County pine sitting room, also contains a full kitchen and breakfast nook. The other unit in this house features a spacious living room and large, full kitchen complete with all of the “at home” luxuries including a dishwasher, ice-maker and garbage disposal.