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The Abernathy House

The Abernathy House is named after Wyatt Thomas Abernathy who was a prominent merchant that originated from Tennessee. He relocated with his family to Key West in the late-1890’s to take advantage of the prospering economy. Abernathy purchased the house from the Locke family who built that home, as is evident by the signature gingerbread trim on the front porch and balcony. The Locke family had a strong political presence in Key West in the late 1800’s and a prominent family would often have a unique gingerbread pattern that would be mounted on each of their properties. Though the Abernathy House was built a few years after the Locke House, and not in the typical Victorian style, the family added the trim in the Locke family tradition. The upstairs floor is comprised of a spacious one-bedroom suite which has a balcony overlooking Eaton Street. The downstairs has been reconfigured into a one bedroom suite and a separate studio suite, each with a private courtyard lined with bountiful tropical foliage.