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Our History

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The Banyan Resort originally consisted of six homes that were constructed as private residences during the mid-1800’s. The individual owners of these properties decided to combine their interests in the early 1980’s and convert them into “The Banyan Guest House”. The guest house quickly became a popular place to stay. However, back in those days, Key West had two distinct tourist seasons: “In” and “Off” season as referred to by the local residents. The business at The Banyan Guest House thrived during the “In” season (December – April) months but was finding it very difficult to make ends meet during extremely slow “Off” season (May – November) months. A new concept of “Timesharing” was emerging in the U.S. at that time and gaining popularity. That concept proved irresistible to the owners and “The Banyan Resort” was born. Inventory quickly sold out and additional homes were erected in the late 1980’s.

The Houses

  1. The Saunders House
  2. The Cigar Factory
  3. The Locke House
  4. The Abernathy House
  5. The Cosgrove House
  6. The Delaney House
  7. The Sawyer-Thorpe Homes
  8. The Townhouse

History of the Banyan Property in Key West Part 1

History of the Banyan Property in Key West Part 2